The Center for Ocean Leadership (COL) is the newest addition to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Community Programs (UCP). COL connects, convenes, and supports collaboration within the ocean science, education and technology community, represented by a network of affiliate institutions from academic, non-profit, and commercial sectors.

COL coordinates and facilitates collaborative ocean science, research, education, and communication efforts between and among government agencies and ocean research and education institutions. COL programs currently focus on ocean education, observing, and stewardship.

Some of COL’s programs were previously housed in the former Consortium for Ocean Leadership which closed in 2022. The new COL continues these valuable activities, while leveraging the existing expertise and resources across UCAR for the benefit of the ocean community and expanding into emerging areas for ocean science and technology.


A collaborative and inclusive ocean community empowered to build a more sustainable future for the ocean and society.


To serve, support, and convene the ocean science, education, and technology community as a trusted, neutral, and knowledgeable broker that facilitates strategic partnerships and collaborations, advocates for solutions to meet community needs, and enables broader participation in ocean education, science, and communication.