Amanda Holloway

Headshot of Amanda Holloway.
Program Specialist, NOSB
Research and Education

Amanda Holloway joined the Consortium for Ocean Leadership in 2011 coordinating the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB). Through her dedicated support, she helps enrich science teaching and learning across the United States through a high-profile national competition that increases exposure to ocean science, technology, and policy to high school students. She manages the competition development process, provides support to the regions, and coordinates the Finals competition. In addition to her work with NOSB, she coordinates the Ocean Sciences Educators' Retreat (OSER). Working across departments, she has also provided support for the interagency coordination efforts, such as the U.S. IOOS Summit in 2012.

Amanda attended the University of Florida where she received her bachelor's in Political Science and Environmental Studies. She also holds a Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University in Environmental Science & Policy with a concentration in Ecological Management. She focused on freshwater ecosystems and brook trout ecology, researching quantitative methods to determine sexual dimorphism in Brook Trout as a management tool. Prior to working in DC, she spent five years in urban greening and community environmental education in Baltimore, MD. Amanda grew up in Florida where many weekends spent at the beach spurred her love of all things ocean-related. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys exploring nature outside of the beltway. She is an avid hiker, camper, and animal lover.